Radish is not afraid of boiled water

Are you familiar with a feeling of impatience in waiting for the first harvest? But nature is relentless: each vegetable has its own term. What if you dare to bet with nature a little bit? For example, make radishes to mature well before it's scheduled time.

I sow radish very early: as soon as snow will descend and soil will thaw a bit. First I soak seeds in advance to let them germinate. And then mix them with the humus and sand in a ratio of 1 : 5 : 5.

After that, I pour boiled water into prepared for planting grooves and sow the ready to use mixture until the land had not yet had time to cool down. Then immediately close them with a piece of film.

Again, prepare 2-3 notches for planting and sow, each time covering up a notch. When the whole garden is planted with radish, quickly take off all the pieces of film, water the whole planted bed with a mix of warm water and diluted potassium permanganate. Close the whole patch by one big piece of film and put some soil on its edges. After this seeding, I get good early harvest radishes.

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