• Have you been frustrated from eating the flavourless store-bought produce?
  • Have you been disappointed in the recently increased prices of the greens while their quality has significantly diminished?
  • Have you been doubted about the uncertainty of how the vegetables you see in the store were grown and what they were infused with?

I’ve heard many people like you thinking loud:

  1. What a waste!
  2. We do deserve fresher food than this!
  3. We can live much better than this!

But then you ask yourself:

“How can I grow my own fruits and vegetables right where I live?”


I am Oleg Leontovych, creator of  GARDENHOWTO.com and I’m here to help you on your amazing journey to start growing your own food right at the comfort of your own home -- organic, fresh and sustainable, just like Mother Nature intended!

My Ukrainian family has been growing food from generation to generation. In fact, 80% of our property land was dedicated to food growing!

Which is why sustainable gardening is something that will stay ingrained in my mind, “We grow our own vegetables even when there was no threat of hunger.”

Now, I live in Canada, but I still carry the traditions of growing my own food. It is something that I would love to do without being paid, something that helps me relax in troubled times, and it is really the thing that you might call as a passion.

Recovering vivid memories of my youth back in Ukraine I can tell you that I wasn’t really into sports but had gotten most of my physical activities from pruning the fruit trees, picking berries or tilling the grounds for the next crops planting.

I remember wandering around the forest, looking for edible mushrooms and medicinal herbs. Now I can show you what wild plants you can pick up to add greens to your salads, ingredients to add to your tasty soup or herbs to steep in a tea to improve your health.

I found quite amazing that the plants we see in our gardens have been cultivated over the years of human civilization development but originally all of them existed in the wild Nature.

It truly fascinated me how different plants would react to the shifting seasons, how the fruit would artfully take shape, all the variety of colors and flavors just waiting to be picked.

All of which had led me to understanding that gardening isn’t the overnight success others painted it to be -- it is a labor of love, a wonderful process that evolves through patience with the baby-step approach when you try on one thing, perceive the result and consider how it did work out for you before taking the next step.

So, you’re probably asking yourself now:

“Why should I grow my own food?”

My friend, let me ask you this: WHY WOULDN’T YOU?

The benefits of gardening, from growing your fruits and vegetables to starting your own herb garden are highly therapeutic, much like exercise and meditation that melded into one.

Growing your food is the best way to connect with it. The harmony that flows from sowing the seed, tending to it and the joy of harvesting is something you must experience.

We are the part of nature, we live and die by its laws, so it is only natural that we connect with the land we live on and reap what it generously offers to feeds us.

That is why it is my greatest life’s mission to inspire you to run your edible garden in the most enjoyable and low maintenance way.

What I want for you is to reap the soul-soothing benefits that gardening can bring, to help you nourish your mind and body with organically grown produce, to be connected with Mother Nature once again and live a more fulfilling, healthier lifestyle.

I want you to succeed in naturally growing your own produce along with medicinal plants right at your yard… or on your balcony… EVEN INDOORS.

Let's get started~


I keep recording my ups and downs, lessons and discoveries, on this website, so that you learn from my mistakes and don’t repeat them. As you might notice I’m not a native English speaker or writer, and you might find my writing style not the easiest to understand on occasion. Anyway, I’ve chosen the challenge to keep going with this website in English, to have more fun than in my native Ukrainian (which I also adore by the way). So far my desire to share my experience with you, exceeds the need, to put a hold on digging in the dirt and make perfection on writing a priority. However if anyone of you would like to help me out with edit proofing, please shoot me an email at gardenhowto (AT) gmail (DOT) com .